Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Works Under Review

Page-Tan, C., S. Marion, and D. Aldrich. “The Role of Civic Networks and Information Sources During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Invited Submission. Revise and Resubmit (2022).

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Worsnop, C., K. Grépin, K. Lee, and S. Marion. “When the Letter and the Spirit of the Law do not align: Compliance with WHO’s International Health Regulations During COVID-19.” Revise and Resubmit (2021).

Works In Progress

Marion, S. “Philanthropy and the Politics of Global Hybrid Cooperation.” Working Paper (2021).

Marion, S. “‘Lobbying is a dirty word,’ Advocacy is Not: Global Outbreaks and the Dynamics of Philanthropic Policy Influence.” Working Paper (2021).

Marion, S. “What Money Can’t Buy: Philanthropy and Policy Influence in Global Outbreaks.” Working Paper (2021).

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Worsnop, C. and S. Marion. “The Domestic Politics of U.S. International Travel Restrictions During COVID-19.” Working Paper (2021).

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Riccio, R., S. Marion, and M. Sweet. “Contextualizing Reflective Practices in Experiential Learning for Social Change Education.” Working Paper (2019). With R. Riccio and M. Sweet.

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